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Cerne Abbas Stores LTD

9 Long street, Cerne Abbas

Nr Dorchester, Dorset ,


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Planning to change your lifestyle ?

The current owners relocated to this serene village some 30 years ago, from a busy city career lifestyle, in London.

Like some, the draw of a career and lifestyle change might appeal. Please click on the link below to view where details can be obtained for the sale of this property due to desired retirement. This property is ideal for a family run business concept.


Whether you are considering Cerne Abbas First School for your child or have already decided to send your child to us, this website will tell you much more about the school and the values and standards we hold dear and work towards.


The school is small with a Reception Class, a KS1 class (Years 1 and 2 together) and a KS2 class (Years 3 and 4 together). It is set in the beautiful village of Cerne Abbas. It is a Church of England, Voluntary Controlled School with strong links to the church and the church community. This close knit nature is reflected in the school with our children knowing the values that we have. Our living and learning values are:


Caring, Co-operative, Communicative, Courteous, Considerate, Conscientious and Confident.

Cerne Abbas School